Record Validation

Validate addresses, phone numbers and email

Duplicate prevention

Prevent duplicate records

Highly customizable

Use your own configuration so everybody can work with our application


What does Record Validation do?

Quick Entry

Record Validation is able to format and validate your email addresses, phone numbers and addresses upon inserting or updating a record. Manually enter or update a record and see what suggestions Record Validation can give you.

Batch Jobs

Validate your records in batch. There is no limit to how many records you want to validate. Get your entire Salesforce validated and start working with the right data.

Validated reports

Get insights about your data. Find how what percentage of your data is incorrect and see what information is incorrect. Decide if you want to delete this data or if you want to find the right information.

These are our unique benefits

Secure validation

Your data does not get stored and the server is hosted by Heroku, a Salesforce platform

Accessible for everybody

Everybody can work with our solution, you don't need to be an administrator

No additional documentation

You don't need to create additional documentation to export your data to another server or environment.

Back to work

August 30, 2017

It has happened, the holiday season has ended. No more lying by the pool with a cocktail in your hands, no more long nights at the bar and no more quiet days at the office. People are back and everything is back at full speed. Orders are coming in, questions need to be answered and the big bosses need the latest quarterly reports again.