Format and validate your records in Salesforce

What does Record Validation do?


Quick Entry

Record Validation is able to format and validate your email addresses, phone numbers and addresses upon inserting or updating a record. Manually enter or update a record and see what suggestions Record Validation can give you.


Batch Validation

Validate your records in batch. There is no limit to how many records you want to validate. Get your entire Salesforce validated and start working with the right data.



Get insights about your data. Find how what percentage of your data is incorrect and see what information is incorrect. Add Record Validation as a filter and get clear reports.


Format and validate


Validate address information. From apartment numbers to zip codes

Phone numbers

Get your phone numbers in the same format and with the right area code

Email addresses

A high bounce rate never made anyone happy. Record Validation helps you get the right email addresses

What makes us unique


Your data does not get stored but shortly transferred to our server. This server is build in Heroku, a Salesforce platform.

User friendly

Our app is highly customizable so everyone in an organization can work with it.

Complete validation

You can validate your records upon entry and in batch

Experience Record Validation