Validate phone, email and address fields within Salesforce

Record Validation for Salesforce by Plauti


What does Record Validation do?

Enter Records Quicker

Record Validation helps you to format and validate your records when entering them into Salesforce. This makes it easier and quicker to enter Salesforce records, with less errors.

Batch Validate Records

Validate and verify all your existing Salesforce records. Get your entire Salesforce organization analyzed and cleansed so you work with accurate and validated records.

Reduce failed deliveries

Record Validations improves the deliverability of both email and postal deliveries. Record Validation customers have reported postal delivery failures reduced by up to 70% and email delivery rates of 97.5% on opt-in lists.

Want to see Record Validation for Salesforce in action?

Format and validate


Record Validation will parse, standardize, suggest, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

Phone numbers

Record Validation analyzes your phone number values and parses, validates and formats them to your preferred standardization.

Email addresses

Record Validation marks invalid and hard bounce email addresses in your Salesforce org. It also provides detailed classification of disposable, catch-all, free and spam-trap email addresses.

What does Record Validation do?

Why bad data quality is a big deal

April 11, 2018
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