Record Validation for Salesforce

Validate phone, email and address information

Format and validate Salesforce records

Cleanse and format your addresses for over 240 countries and territories

User friendly

Never leave your Salesforce environment

Highly customizable

Record Validation can adapt to every Salesforce organization


What does Record Validation do?

Quick Entry

Record Validation helps you to format and validate your records when entering them into Salesforce. This makes it easier and quicker to enter Salesforce records, with less errors.

Batch Validation

Validate all your existing Salesforce records. Get your entire Salesforce organization analyzed and cleansed so you can start working with accurate and validated records.


Get detailed insights about your data. Find what percentage of your data is correct or incorrect and allow your users to work with only validated information. 

Want to see Record Validation for Salesforce in action?

Format and validate


Record Validation will parse, standardize, suggest, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

Phone numbers

Record Validation analyzes your phone number values and parses, validates and formats them to your preferred standardization.

Email addresses

Record Validation analyzes your email address to see if it’s valid and has the right format. In addition Record Validation does a Syntax, DNS and Freemail check.

What does Record Validation do?

Why bad data quality is a big deal

April 11, 2018
Data quality was never a high listed issue for many organizations. But why not? Data quality has become increasingly important and is expected to become an essential part for the strategy of organizations. According to IDC’s latest report “Data Age 2025”,  by 2025 the global data sphere is expected to be 10 times the 2016 data sphere volume. That is a lot of data.