Address validation for Salesforce

Validate your addresses in Salesforce


Accurate delivery & time saving

Sending things to incorrect addresses is a thing of the past. Record Validation validates address fields for over 240 countries worldwide. By autocompleting addresses Record Validation saves your users a lot of time creating or editing new records. Try our app with 100 free credits.

Address validation

Address validation and autocomplete for Salesforce
Get a suggestion while entering an address
While typing, you see a suggestion of what address you might mean
Pick a suggested address
Select the right address from the suggested options and prevent yourself from making a typo.
Validate an address
Validate an address that already exists in your Salesforce and make sure you have the correct address information.

Want to see Record Validation for Salesforce in action?

Format and validate


Record Validation will parse, standardize, suggest, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

Phone numbers

Record Validation analyzes your phone number values and parses, validates and formats them to your preferred standardization.

Email addresses

Record Validation analyzes your email addresses to see if it’s valid and has the right format. In addition Record Validation does a Syntax, DNS and Freemail check.

What does Record Validation do?