Batch validation


Batch Validation

Don't waste your time checking every record manually, validate multiple records at once. Record Validation allows you to validate in bulk. There is no limit to the number of records you want to check and validate. The jobs are able to process exisitng records. Choose to validate your entire Salesforce database or use the filter to create a selection of your Salesforce records.
Validate your records in batch. With Record Validation installed, you can validate an unlimited amount of records at once.
No storage
Record Validation validates your records in a Salesforce environment. This means you don't need to import or export anything yourself. Save time and storage space!
Do you only want to validate a specific amount of Salesforce records? Or only records that belong to one certain user? You can with our filter. Just select the types of records and start validating.
Clear reporting
Once a job is completed, get a quick and easy overview of your records. A job report shows you what records are incorrect and offers suggestions to what it should be.