Email validation in Salesforce

Improve deliverability and tag disposable, catch-all, free and spam-trap email addresses


Save costs and protect your sender reputation

Emailing invalid or hard bounce email addresses is a costly exercise. Both in investment terms as for your sender reputation. Validate all your existing email addresses and check newly entered email addresses for hard bounces, disposable domains like mailinator, catch-all, role-based and spam-trap email addresses.  

There is no need to define complex email validation rules or regex, let Record Validation do the heavy lifting for you.

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Email validation in Salesforce

Validate email addresses and get suggestions for the correct email address without defining validation rules.
Get a suggestion while entering an email address
While entering an email address, get a suggestion of a validated email address you probably mean.
Pick a suggested email address
Choose a validated email address from the suggestions that are shown.
Validate an email address
Validate the email address and find out if the user exists.
Classify addresses
Categorise as valid, spam-trap, catch-all, role-based, free and more types of email addresses.

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Format and validate


Record Validation will parse, standardize, suggest, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories.

Phone numbers

Record Validation analyzes your phone number values and parses, validates and formats them to your preferred standardization.

Email addresses

Record Validation analyzes your email address to see if it’s valid and has the right format. In addition Record Validation does a Syntax, DNS and Freemail check.

What does Record Validation do?