Quick Entry

Quick and correct entry of your records


Quick and correct entry

Format and validate your email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses when entering or updating a record. Record Validation helps you to enter Salesforce records quicker and easier, with less errors.
Nothing takes more time than formatting all your data in one similar way. With Record Validation, all records are formatted at the point of entry. Phone numbers automatically get the right country or area code and all address details are written in one similar way. Get an organized database without spending hours of your time.
Upon entry, or while updating the information of a record, you will get the option to validate your record. The phone number automatically gets formatted to your personal preference and country codes or area codes are automatically added. See if the email address and the address information you added exist and, if not, validate them at that exact moment.
Validated suggestion
While typing, you'll see a list of suggestions for the record. Enter or update the email address and address information for your record faster by selecting the right contact information from the list of suggestions.